Classroom Consulting


I’m So Educated™ Founder Michael Mallery offers a wide range of professional and classroom consulting services to help train new employees, struggling school districts and schools looking to "maximize their students potential” and elevate their work culture.

How do you maximize your employee’s potential when they are struggling? How do you effectively teach students who do not look like you?

Educators Program

IMPACT©          "Inspiring Motivating Preparing and Cultivating Talent

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I’m So Educated™ Founder Michael Mallery provides incredible strategies on how to deal with today’s students, as he has been requested over the country and has motivated over 40,000 students.

School Leadership Consulting

• How to effectively communicate with minority students and increase engagement

• Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Strategies

• Changing school culture and elevating student participation

• In classroom tips and strategies

• Developing Classroom Identity