ISE Method


Some background…

Educators and organizations are beginning to seek out I'm So Educated™ based on the reputation of trust, quality, and commitment to inspiring students. We recognize the many challenges that educators across the country face with today's students. We understand that there are many things students face that draw them away from their educational potential, (Bullying, Peer Pressure, Social Issues, and the quite common "Dumb Down Theory”) I'm So Educated™ is ready to inspire your students and assist them in "Connecting the Dots” to their future.

What do we do?

Throughout each student enrichment seminar, workshop, classroom visit, one-on-one student session, or motivational engagement, I'm So Educated™ promises to deliver an impactful presentation to meet the exclusive needs of the clients we serve. During each seminar or motivational address, we deliver entertaining, current, and appropriate material that will support the growth and development of your school or organizations achievement objectives.