Student Enrichment Programs

"Give your student's a fun academic change by bringing an I'm So Educated™ Student Enrichment Program to your classroom or school district."

I'm So Educated™ is committed to helping students "Connect the Dots” to the different stages of their learning styles. I'm So Educated™ recognizes that all students have the potential to excel academically, however some just need to visually see how what their learning applies to their future. I'm So Educated™has spent the past four years developing and presenting fun filled educational programs that help inspire students to "Connect the dots” in the classroom.


ISE: Mission Graduate

I’m So Educated™ partners with local high schools around the country to host their amazing Mission Graduate program, which is dedicated to inspiring high school students right into graduation. I’m So Educated™ conducts workshops dedicated to giving students a range of skills geared towards helping them reach their high school graduation. These programs inspire your students and plants seeds that get them excited about pursuing a post-secondary education. 

ISE: Building YOUR personal brand through academics

The workplace is quite a different place than it was just a few years ago. How does one get the upper advantage? How can students find and identify their personal brand? How can they maximize it?

Some say competition is fierce, but that’s only true for some.

Program Overview

It is no secret that how we present ourselves, both in person and online, is critical to our future opportunities. Some students believe that their area of study far exceeds their need to dress, converse, and act appropriately.

Students at all levels should understand what it takes to create and present a positive, professional image because, in a competitive economy, having the skills to project an ideal brand will be critical to their success. How does one get there? Is it simply by creating a social media page? It’s all about the strategy.

The Strategic Personal Branding and Social Media Dominance Seminar, provides students with purposeful personal branding strategies to get to their end result. It’s not about how many friends, followers, or subscribers you have on social media, it’s about getting to the right ones.

Other Topics Include

How to raise YOUR academic bar

  1. Slow Progress is Progress

  2. Rising Above Peer Pressure

  3. 5 W's of Successful Students

  4. Many More…