S.W.A.G. Seminar


Program Summary:

So you think you have SWAG huh? This award winning seminar has been hosted across the country for High School and Collegiate students. How can someone become a better student? What does being involved really mean?

Michael Mallery outlines and provides the key components to becoming the Student With Academic Goals. Studying is certainly one major component, but there is so much more that goes into becoming the S.W.A.G.

Goals & Objectives:

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Values and ethical standards

  • Identifying Academic Identity

  • Using modern technology responsibly

  • The ability to become self-directed learners

  • Create and sustain a continual dialogue on the attitudes and feelings surrounding their identity and academic potential

  • The ability to understand communicate with respect and live harmoniously in a diverse society

  • An understanding of themselves-their abilities interests and personalities