Magdala C - Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J.

“Hi Mr. Mallery! I hope all is well. Just wanted to share that I recently purchased a copy of your book "Respect the S.W.A.G." for my younger sister. She is a current freshman in college and has been struggling a bit to get settled and comfortable in her new environment. Well she loves your book! And considers it a lifesaver! I've watched her diligently work through it the last few weeks. It's helped her change her attitude, perspective, and just feel more confident in herself. It's been wonderful to watch as her big sister! So just wanted to share and say thank you! I pray God continues to bless you in what you are doing! It's powerful and impactful! All the best with everything!”

SJHM - University of Connecticut- Storrs

“"It was an absolute pleasure to meet Mr. Mike Mallery, as he is a truly inspiring individual with limitless potential and endless passion for his craft.  Mike is one of the best public speakers I have ever seen because his genuineness, authenticity, and personality shine through in his speeches. I am sure he will continue to be a positive light to everyone he meets. Mike Mallery is not just the founder of I’m So Educated but he is a phenomenal representation of what it means to be …. soeducated.”

Harvey KellY, Chair, Greater Hartford Chapter

Leaders of Tomorrow Program

“Michael, YOUR strategies for YOUR success in college was invaluable-and showed tremendous courage and insight. Your wearing business casual attire to speak at our class reinforced the business casual dress code that we have in our program.

Pointing out that you used money that could be used to go to the beach during Spring Break, but instead visited companies for tours and interviews, sets a new standard in creative and aggressive thinking. Thank you for pointing out to to our kids the way they should be thinking. "I'm So Educated"“